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Wednesday, 25 May 2011Y

All brand new in package! (:
No hidden/additional charges!

Items true to picture!

Information on postage :
♥Meet up = purchase of 2 or more items!
♥Normal postage = $1 per item
♥Registered postage = +$3 on top of normal postage charge

Korean Floral chiffon dress ($10)
Standard size : S, M gals (Best fit for M gals) Bustline : Max 90 cm (very stretchable) Waistline : Max 90 cm (very stretchable) Dress length : 70 cm Strap length : Max 13cm Material : Lined Chiffon
1 red available!

Champagne cocktail dress ($18)
dress length : 78cm ; bustline : 88cm

1 black available
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Polka dots chiffon Dress ($17)
dress length : 73cm ; waistline : 80cm ; bustline : 96cm (elastic at back part)
1 red available.

Formal Blouse Top ($15)
Shoulder Width: 38cm, Sleeve Length:32cm, Bust: 90cm, Length: 60cm, Material: Cotton (A little shimmery which looks like satin material)
1 black & 1 white available.

Ribbon Waist Sweet Tee ($15)
Material :Cotton Bust :84-110CM Shoulder :34-48CM Sleeve Length: 54CM Length: 59CM (Note: This top is more suitable for the small-built)
1 white available.

Facoup Bikini Swim Wear ($14)
Material : Lycra
1 brown available.

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Tuesday, 27 April 2010Y
Buy Fimo Nail Art Canes Sticks @ $0.73!!

Hi, pls do visit this site for Fimo Nail Art Canes Sticks! Want your nails to be beautiful? Check this out! FREE POSTAGE!! 1 for $1.20, 10 for $11.50 & 20 for $22 only! You can slice up to 100 slices per cane! Visit now!!

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Monday, 12 May 2008Y


hand made test-tubes.
able to have a maximum of 11 alphabets placed inside. (w/o space) **sorry, the long one is currently OOS, we only have the small bottle tube, it can have up to a maximum of 6 alphabets.

wording comes in blue, red, gold**, silver**.

while the gel colour comes in pink, purple, blue, white.

you can choose to mix the colours and alphabets and gel.
selling @ $6 for each test tube made.

$5 each for 3 or more test-tubes!

wrapping provided!

**Certain Alphabets of Gold & Silver are OOS & won't be restocked.


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